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OnePlus Discloses Its Second Site Data Hack In 2 Years

Previously in 2018, OnePlus (popular cellphone manufacturer) disclosed that it had coughed up credit card data on more than 40,000 consumers in a data hack, and now it is telling consumers about one more hack. This time, while the site is the origin of the hack, the firm thinks that payment data is unaffected. On the other hand, data exposed might comprise “contact number, name, shipping address, and email” from orders conducted on its website.

Impacted consumers should have got an email alerting them of the event, and must keep an eye out for potential phishing effort employed based on the stolen data. The firm claimed to the media in an interview about the event that “we are joining hands with a world-famous security service in the upcoming month, and will roll out an official bug bounty project by the end of next month.”

On a related note, OnePlus was not completely precise when it claimed that it would not provide the 7T Pro handset in the US. T-Mobile last month declared that it will carry the 5G McLaren edition of OnePlus 7T Pro sometime later this year. As the name recommends, it is a variant of the supercar-motivated special edition handset on T-Mo’s 600MHz network with 5G data. There is no costing currently, even though you can securely assume this will cost much more as compared to the $669 introductory cost for the previous 7 Pro.

The normal 7T Pro is a gently power-packed 7 Pro with minimum 8 GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 855+ processor, an ever-so-little bigger battery, faster charging, and photography extras such as a macro mode and 960FPS slow motion video. The McLaren edition increases the RAM to 12 GB and includes that signature orange and black color scheme on the back with an ethereal pattern.

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