Fans of Chipotle Mexican Grill don’t just like their food fast. They strike quickly when it comes to online contests, too.

The restaurant chain on Wednesday launched a Chipotle IQ trivia contest with a Buy One Get One Free food offer as the prize for the first 250,000 who correctly answered 10 questions. They quickly got their winners.

Chipotle released the news about the trivia contest about 8 a.m. ET and had its winners – conveniently – around lunchtime.

When you go to the test site at now you get the message: “250k Chipotle brainiacs who came before you, so unfortunately we’re fresh out of BOGO prizes. But, if you want to have some fun and learn a little more about Chipotle, the test is all yours, you genius you.”

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You can still take the test – maybe to study up for possible future contests? – and be challenged with questions such as: “What is the best way to get free food?” (Hint, the correct answer is not to become a TikTok influencer but involves the chain’s rewards program.)

Chipotle would not tell USA TODAY if there might be future contests. But if offered this comment: “Chipotle IQ allows our customers to discover Chipotle in a whole new way and rewards our most devoted brand experts,” Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer, said in the announcement. “We’re introducing a test our fans will actually be excited to take.”

Still feel lucky? Every Monday through September 28 you can compete in Chipotle’s Free Delivery Monday Matchup, which gives you a chance to win free burritos for a year if you correctly guess the score of that night’s big sporting event. 

Rewards members can order Chipotle delivery before the start of that night’s game and enter their score prediction as their entree name in the Chipotle app or on

To enter without placing an order, send an email to [email protected] with your prediction prior to the start of the game.

Those who make a correct prediction will be entered for a chance for win one of up to 10 awards of a year’s worth of free burritos.

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