We all know the Zoom app for making video calls, but did you know you could also use other apps to enhance the experience?

Similar to browser extensions, which make apps available to users of Chrome, Safari and Firefox without having to leave and open them elsewhere, Zoom has hundreds of apps available to use within Zoom, and they’re available to download here, at the Zoom Marketplace.

For instance, you can start or schedule a meeting within Gmail or sell tickets directly from a Zoom call with Eventbrite.

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Zoom, which has seen its fortunes rise during the pandemic, is increasingly turning to consumers to show off new ways to use the platform. This week it said Zoom would be available on video display units from Facebook, Google and Amazon – beginning with Facebook in September. Later this month, the company will start selling a 26-inch $599 stand-alone Zoom device from manufacturer DTEN.

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For app developers, getting to be included in Zoom’s Marketplace is a way to bring their wares to the attention of the Zoom public. “It enhances what they can do with Zoom,” says Jim Szafranski  the CEO of Prezi, which offers tools to doll up your screen with interactive displays. “It’s a great opportunity for us to get in front of them.”

Unlike the recent controversy over Apple and Google’s app stores, which charge a 30% commission on all sales, Szafranski says being in the Zoom Marketplace is free for companies.

Most of the apps to increase productivity are free, while some charge, or are only available with the paid Pro version of Zoom, which starts at $14.99 a month.

Here’s a sampling of 10 plug-ins:

Wikipedia: Search for answers on the communal encyclopedia from within Zoom chat.

Eventbrite: While you are conducting your Zoom call, you can now sell (or give away) tickets to your event.

Lingmo Translate: Use the text translator to conduct conversations in multiple languages within the chat section of Zoom. Lingmo says it works with 80 languages and “there is no limit to how many languages are interacting during a chat.”

Sidedoor: The online concert venue offers a chance for artists to open up Zoom rooms and talk directly to ticket purchasers as a value add. Meetings can transcribed in real-time via Otter, but some fine print. Only “Pro” users who pay $14.99 monthly or more can use the app. There is a free version of Otter, but like the free version of Zoom, users only get to use it for 40 minutes before being asked to upgrade.

Survey Monkey: Take a poll directly from within Zoom using the popular app in Zoom chat.

Wix: A plug-in to add the ability to offer Zoom webinars and classes directly onto websites built with Wix’s website tools.

Microsoft Teams/Slack: The app plug-ins let you begin and schedule video meetings directly from within the popular enterprise communication apps.

Calendly: The calendar app for scheduling meetings. Once connected, video conference details are added to each calendar event and meeting reminders are generated.

Gmail: With the add-on, Gmail users can seamlessly schedule, start, and manage meetings directly from within the Google mail app. Email participants are automatically included in the meeting and you can optionally add more participants.

Readers: What’s your favorite Zoom plug-in? I’d love to hear from you on Twitter, where I’m @jeffersongraham.

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