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Valentine’s Day is upon us, meaning soon enough people will be running to their local convenience stores after work to purchase last-minute boxes of chocolates and Hallmark cards. But, to be honest, if you’re going to partake in the Valentine’s Day madness, why not get it over with by ordering something online now? And don’t use not knowing what to get as an excuse. If you’re not sure what to get right now, I guarantee you still won’t know what to get when you’re standing in the candy aisle around sunset on February 14th.

So please, this year, put a little thought into it and get a Valentine’s Day gift in advance. To help, we’ve done most of the thinking for you. Here are 15 Reviewed-approved gift ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020.

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1. For the one who loves to relax: Gravity Blanket

Is there anything better than a Valentine’s Day gift for someone else that is secretly a gift for you? Probably not. A weighted blanket is just that. The best weighted blanket we tested was the ultra popular Gravity Blanket, and as a proud owner, I can safely say this is a gift so good, you will fight over it every day (in a good way).

Get the Gravity Blanket from Gravity for $189

2. For the one who loves sugar: Sugarfina Sweet & Sparkly Set of 3 Candy Boxes

If you want to get candy and chocolate for the person you love, but you don’t want to go with the basic and traditional kinds available at most retailers, Sugarfina is a fantastic option. This candy box set comes with some of the brand’s signature fun flavors including Champagne, Bubbly, and chocolatey Sparkle. Think of it as Godiva chocolates upgraded for Instagram.

Get the Sugarfina Sweet & Sparkly Set of 3 Candy Boxes from Nordstrom for $28

3. For the one who loves comfort: Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Cardigan

This cardigan has over 3,100 reviews on Nordstrom and a 5-star rating. I own this myself (I am actually wearing it right now), and I can confirm it is a comfortable blanket disguised as clothing. When it comes to cardigans and sweaters, the limit does not exist for the amount one can own. They make great gifts—especially when they’re this cozy (and chic). Not shopping for a cardigan person? Barefoot Dreams also sells a robe. Just saying…

Get the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Circle Cardigan from Nordstrom for $116

4. For the one who loves listening to music and/or podcasts: Apple Airpods

Sure, Airpods may look odd when people wear them, but they’re wearing them for a reason. Apple’s cult-favorite headphones are the BEST true wireless earbuds our experts tested this year. If you’re shopping for a lover of all things Apple, they will adore a pair of these. For traveling, commuting, working out, and even listening to podcasts while loading and unloading the dishwasher, Airpods make a great gift.

5. For the one who loves essential oil diffusers: An Essential Oil Diffuser

People are obsessed with essential oil diffusers. And why wouldn’t they be? They transform your home with good smells and good vibes. If you’re shopping for someone who loves good smells and good vibes, bring peace and happiness into their life with our favorite oil diffuser. We tested the most popular models and found this one by InnoGear to be the best.

Get the InnoGear Upgraded Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser on Amazon for $14.99

6. For the one who loves simple things: Kate Spade Pendant Necklace

If you want to give the classic Valentine’s Day gift that is jewelry without spending a fortune, this Kate Spade pendant necklace could be perfect. It can be dressed up or down and is personalized with the initial of their first name displayed in the pendant. This necklace has 850 reviews with a 5-star rating, so people clearly love it. Not to mention, necklaces with initials on them are very much on-trend right now.

Get the Kate Spade New York One in a Million Initial Pendant Necklace from Nordstrom for $58

7. For the one who loves doing nothing at home: Ugg Slippers

Does anything else say ‘I love you’ more than slippers? I think not. Uggs have been around for years, and although the boots may have fallen from fashion grace years ago, the slippers never went out of style. After all, Uggs are comfortable. With thousands of four to five star reviews on Nordstrom’s Ugg slipper listings, it is clear that the people agree. The Ansley Water Resistant Slippers are perfect for the simple, comfortable one who would wear these shoes anywhere, and the Scuffette II Slippers are great for the one who would probably only wear them at home. 

8. For the one who loves doing nothing at home, but already has slippers: Ugg Socks

These are not your average socks. Not that there’s anything wrong with average socks. We all need socks. What we don’t need are fancy, cozy Ugg socks, but WOW, would these highly rated feet gloves be great to have. Boasting a nearly 5-star rating from just about 150 reviews, these socks are loved. And why not celebrate love in the most over-the-top way by giving an over-the-top pair of beloved socks of course? 

Get the Ugg Pom Pom Fleece Lined Socks from Nordstrom for $49.50

9. For the one who loves fancy things: La Mer Moisturizing Cream

La Mer is an expensive moisturizer with a cult following—and also a perfect gift if you want to ball out on someone. La Mer moisturizing cream has over 60,000 hearts at Sephora and over 1,800 reviews at Nordstrom with a 5-star rating. That is a lot of love. Why not spread more of it this Valentine’s Day? (Pun absolutely intended.)

Get the La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream from Nordstrom for $90 – $2400

10. For the one who loves cute things: Capri Blue Candles

If she loves home décor and entertaining guests, and you love her, you can’t go wrong with an amazing candle as a Valentine’s Day gift. My favorite candle by far is Capri Blue’s Volcano scent. Not only do they smell amazing, but they come in chic jars that double as amazing home decor.

Get the Capri Blue Volcano Jar Candle from Anthropologie for $30

11. For the one who loves doing things for other people: Pajamas

Pajamas are always a great gift for people who are always treating other people and rarely buy luxurious things for themselves. Nordstrom sells pajamas that people seem to swear by. They are the Lingerie Moonlight Pajamas, and they have just about 5 stars from over 1,300 reviews. If you know her size, these would make a great gift.

Get the Nordstrom Lingerie Moonlight Pajamas at Nordstrom for $65

12. For the one who loves greenery: A new plant

Thinking of getting flowers for Valentine’s Day this year? Think again. Plants > flowers for 2020! You can buy them online on The Sill, an online shop for live plants and faux plants. If you’re shopping for someone who loves greenery, a plant from The Sill would make a great gift, whether they have a green thumb or not. Our editor, Meghan, reviewed the service and loved it.

Get a real (or fake!) plant at The Sill

13. For the one who loves making memories: A weekend getaway

Sometimes the best gifts aren’t material items. They’re experiences. Things you can do together. Memories you can make. Founded in 2015, Getaway cabins let you do exactly that. With locations all over the country, you can give the gift of a weekend nestled in nature, unplugged from the real world. Our writer, Rachel, has booked Getaway multiple times and loves it.

Book a Getaway house for a romantic weekend

14. For the one who loves things you don’t know about (yet): Sephora Favorites Valentine’s Day Perfume Sampler

Ten years ago, my grandmother gave me the Sephora perfume sampler as a gift and it honestly changed my life. I knew nothing about perfume, but I was able to dabble in a few best-sellers thanks to this kit. When I was done, I picked my favorite and redeemed the coupon in the gift set for a full-sized bottle of it. If you’re shopping for someone and you aren’t sure what perfume they like (if any at all), I recommend going with this sampler. They can try a few new ones and get a free travel-sized bottle of whatever they end up liking.

Get the Sephora Favorites Valentine’s Day Perfume Sampler from Sephora for $25 ($47 value)

15. For the one who loves you: Sam’s Basic V-Day Package

Here’s my personal take on Valentine’s Day: it’s just another day of the year. No, I do not NEED anything, but if you want to celebrate your love for me by showering me with chocolate, please feel free to do so. Honestly, you could just shower me in a few compliments and I would back flip to cloud nine, but if you want to buy me chocolate, flowers, wine, french fries, pizza, and/or write me a little card, I won’t say no. Now, these smaller gestures won’t fly with everyone, so please make sure you know your audience before shopping, but if you’re browsing gifts for someone who couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day, just resort to the hits! You really can’t go wrong. Unless you get red wine for someone who likes white wine. But do you really care about this person if you do that? I am unsure.

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