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Our Team

Sheila Darrington

Sheila has some of the well-written articles added to her credits. Sheila has completed her B.S. Degree in Astrophysics but is currently working in the field of contextual representation. Her education has only helped her write the most relevant and informative articles. Sheila has been working with the Industry News Today portal from the past 6 Years and her skillful writing has only encouraged Industry News Today to give her the entire responsibility of the Science domain. Sheila is a very well-spoken and ethical individual who everyone likes to have around and thus, the Industry News Today family is very pleased to have her.


Phone: +1 208-519-0881

Clifford Martinez

Clifford holds a degree in Business Management with Finance. His education has only helped him add on more information regarding the field of business. He is such an intellectual personality that all the juniors without any hesitation choose to ask him first. Clifford holds workshops for the Industry News Today employees to have their writing skills brushed up. Clifford has spent almost 4 Years with the company. He has learned so much through the years that it can be well seen in his writings. Clifford's writings are so crisp and clear that all the juniors always want to learn from him.


Phone: +1 208-510-2281

Raymond Carter

Raymond has immense knowledge regarding the field of technology and all the credit goes to his Civil Engineering degree. Raymond's switch to contextual representation was quick after self-realization of love for reading and writing. Raymond has spent almost 2 Years of his career on the Industry News Today portal and there has been no looking back. Raymond's love for penning down some of the most up-to-date and comprehensively analyzed data has made him worth an appreciation. He is currently handling the Technology domain along with the other domains related to entertainment and food & beverages.


Phone: +1 208-516-3719

Bernice Caldwell
Content Writer

Bernice is one of the finest authors Industry News Today portal has until now. Bernice's linguistic and well-written technique is one of the plus points that have the readers glued to her articles. Bernice currently heads the Healthcare and Services domain as her knowledge on the medical topics is immense. She has just joined the Industry News Today portal 6 Months back but the love for writing can be very well seen. She may be short on experience but it has definitely not stopped her from presenting some of the finest articles. Bernice is currently a very well-known personality on the portal to have shown her skillful writing in such a limited time span.


Phone: +1 208-599-8225

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