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Sheila Darrington
Lead Editor

With a massive experience of 8 years at Industry News Today, it would not come as a surprise that Sheila manages the Science department here. With her enormous experience and a Degree in Management, managing the operations in the department is a piece of cake for Sheila. When she is not gazing at deadlines on the desk, you will find her workout, experiment on mixing drinks or chill with her buddies.


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Clifford Martinez
Sr. Editor & Writer

With a huge knowledge of the share market, Clifford manages the Business department at Industry News Today at the tips of his fingers. He has working experience of more than 6 years apart from the one at Industry News Today. He also has a Degree in Finance, which pretty much sums up his job here. When not working, he can be found playing the guitar live with his band, scratching his kitten's tummy, or enjoying all things about life with his wife.


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Raymond Carter
Author & Writer

The Technology department at Industry News Today is supervised by Raymond. He has an experience of more than 5 years in this field with a Degree in Computer Application. This justifies the company’s decision to hire him in the first place itself. When away from his desk, you would probably find Raymond hanging out with his lovely wife, rolling around with his kids, or with his nose in a book.


Phone: +1 208-516-3719

Bernice Caldwell

Being the guide for the Health Department, Bernice is the one who you should look for if there is any concern regarding the Health Department. She has an experience of 4 years in this field in addition to a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Biology. Bernice also loves reading good literature, being a minimalist, going for a run before dawn, as well as learning new languages (currently working on her Japanese).


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