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Investigation In Progress Regarding Hole Formation In The Spacecraft

Investigation In Progress Regarding Hole Formation In The Spacecraft

Investigation In Progress Regarding Hole Formation In The SpacecraftA Russian astronaut, Sergei Prokopyev, discovered a mystifying hole formed in a spacecraft anchored to the International Space Station regarding which he said that the hole was created by drilling from inside. The spacecraft and Russian official organization are investigating the actual cause of that hole.

Prokopyev said that investigators were examining the samples, which he and his crewmate Oleg Kononenko gathered during the spacewalk on December 12. After completing 197-day space station mission last week only, Prokopyev along with two other astronauts landed back to Earth.

On August 30, 2018; the hole was identified in the Russian Soyuz spacecraft of the space station. A leakage was discovered by the crew, which led to the minor loss of pressure and the opening was blocked by them with epoxy and gauze.

At a news conference, Prokopyev said that the void formation began from the interior of the capsule and the investigators have to evaluate when the void was created. He added that the crewmembers’ capability was recognized by the rapid identification and fixation of the hole.

The journey of Prokopyev, along with Serena Aunon—Chancellor of NASA—and Alexander Gerst—European Space Agency astronaut was not affected due to the hole, as the section of the spacecraft where the hole was appeared on was disassembled by the team before entering the Earth’s atmosphere at the time of landing back.

In the month of September, Dmitry Rogozin—chief of Roscosmos—blaming the crewmembers for the hole formation by saying that the hole could have been drilled when the spacecraft was manufactured or might be in orbit. The statement released by the chief has caused some roughness between NASA and Roscosmos.

Rogozin has since back off from the statement, by saying that news media twisted his wording.

Prokopyev criticized over Rogozin’s statement by saying that he shouldn’t think such negatively about the crew.