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Belly Fat Linked To Breast Cancer Risks

Belly Fat Linked To Breast Cancer Risks

Belly Fat Linked To Breast Cancer RisksSince several decades experts have warned women above 40 years to shed weight and maintain proper BMI as obesity could raise the risk of breast cancer. But now a new study carried out by Meyer Cancer Center and Weill Cornell Medicine NY, has stated that even women with excess fat but normal BMI especially in the belly region have twice the risk of developing invasive breast cancer. The report which was carried out on postmenopausal women with normal BMI found that those with high fat deposits in the trunk region had higher risk of breast cancer than those with least amount of fat.

According to Dr. Andrew Dannenberg co-author of the report and professor of medicine and associate director of cancer prevention at Meyer Cancer Center, women with excess fat but normal BMI have higher risk of breast cancer. He referred to the recent studies published in JAMA oncology that showed how every year nearly 250,000 new cases of breast cancer are being reported in US alone. Doctors that were confused about how women that did not have any genetic predisposition to the disease could develop the disease now have an answer to their question as unrecognized excess body fat is the cause.

Though Dr. Dannenberg said they are still not sure about how the belly fat is connected to breast cancer but they found abnormal inflammatory in these high-risk category women. Also, this category of women showed insulin circulation in higher level. He stated that there is a definite link between high insulin levels and pathogenesis of breast cancer. The research group tracked health changes for 16 years in 3460 postmenopausal women aged between 50 and 79 years that had normal BMI. Towards the end of the study they discovered that 182 of them had been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.