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Researchers Develop Underwater Robot To Save Coral Reef

Researchers Develop Underwater Robot To Save Coral Reef

Researchers Develop Underwater Robot To Save Coral ReefDue to major global warming and climate change, sea water is getting warm. As a result of which, it is getting difficult for corals to survive. A big part of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has already died. And everywhere around the globe, corals have started to bleach in a worse rate than in the past two years.

To save the corals from further harm and danger and also to initiate more growth, two Australian researchers have taken the initiative to develop an underwater robot that will seed thousands of baby corals. The director of Marine Ecology Research Center at Southern Cross University, Peter Harrison says that since there is not ample amount of larvae to settle, coral growth has decreased. Therefore, the target should be implanting as much larvae as possible inside the reef systems and aid in generating new life in the coral reefs.

Lately, in a trial for LarvalBot, it has successfully planted 100,000 babies of corals at Vlasoff Reef, an extended part of the Great Barrier Reef. These are the ones that could tolerate the warm ocean waters and therefore should come out fine.

The researchers are now at work to produce replicas of such robot that would plant several hundreds and thousands of coral babies in the ocean water and revive the damage done to the coral reefs. There has also been a plan for a trial run of LarvalBot in Philippines. However, how long can the baby corals withstand is yet to see.

Harrison also said that in order to announce the success of the experiment, they will have to wait for another half an year to nine months when the corals should start growing. Therefore, the reef would be kept observation for next few months. If, it gets the success, the future plan is to make an entire fleet of robots that will save coral reefs around the world.