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Elon Musk Verifies Cyberquad As A Cybertruck Accessory

Other than launching the latest low-polygon-count pickup by Tesla, Elon Musk at the event also revealed an electric ATV. Named as the Cyberquad, Musk verified on Twitter this week that the 2-person ATV will be accessible “initially” as an alternative for Cybertruck users. At the conference, the 4-wheeler rode into the rear of a Cybertruck as the adaptive suspension of the truck leaned back for simpler loading, and then the ATV attached in for charging in the bed right there.

The media still do know nothing about its potential cost or abilities, but early adopters of the vehicle who wish to go off-roading might appreciate a no-emission recreational car to go next with their buyout.

In a few other posts, Musk hinted that there will be a solar power alternative for the truck able of creating sufficient power to drive 15 Miles daily. He also stated about the “armor glass” demonstration that went awry, citing that previous throws did not harm the window and ultimately publishing a slow-mo video of previous attempt by Franz von Holzhausen (lead designer).

On a related note, with an impressive fiscal quarter below its belt and new plants increasing up vehicle manufacturing, Tesla is going up above the sky. So why not keep the good times rolling by once again in Hawthorne, California by unlocking up its design studio to journalists and fans and boast the Cybertruck, its newest product.

Musk took the stage to tell everybody about the plan by the company to make the world a greener home, proclaiming we require sustainable power now. To boast the toughness of the angular truck, Musk boasted how rough it is taking a shot from ball bearings, a hammer, and a gun (the gunshot was in a clip).

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