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Toyota Highlights Its Upcoming SUV Version In The U.S.

Toyota Highlights Its Upcoming SUV Version In The U.S.

Toyota Highlights Its Upcoming SUV Version In The U.S.Toyota Motor Corporation—a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer—has high expectations from its fifth generation of RAV4, manufacturing it as the best Toyota SUV model in the U.S. till now.

During an era when Bill Clinton was president, Toyota launched a compact SUV in the U.S. near about 22 Years ago. The SUV was a combination of truck and car with an unusual appearance and the name RAV4. Earlier, its trend and demand were negligible as compared to Toyota’s sedans; the Camry and Corolla along with the sedan models manufactured by different authorized companies.

However, RAV4 demands were surprisingly increased as it was manufactured by reputed and trustworthy automaker; and it was valuable, fuel-efficient, light, affordable, and delightful for driving when SUVs trend was just arriving.

Nowadays, crossovers and SUVs demand have skyrocketed; dominating among the other categories of 4-wheelers in the U.S. and the fame of sedan vehicles is declining day-by-day. RAV4 has reached the top-ranked Toyota’s vehicle defeating the top two sedan models of Toyota in terms of sales. The sales of the fourth-generation RAV4 increased to twice in the year 2017 as compared to the sales in the year 2013.

To make the tighter grip over the automobile market, strongly competing with the key manufacturers of pickup trucks, and expanding the lead; Toyota has manufactured the fifth-generation RAV4 vehicle in a wide range of models with different shapes, options, powertrains, and conventional packages.

The new RAV4 will be launched in 13 variants with 3 different body styles, gas-based installed with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with an eight-speed automatic, and hybrid gas-electric vehicle with a constantly variable transmission. The gas-based variant will drive up to 29 miles per gallon, and the hybrid version can cover almost 39 miles per gallon in combination.

The vehicles performed well in a test drive over the highway through Carmel Valley along the Pacific Coast Highway, as well as the off-road track.