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Ford Develops A Patent To Remove Unpleasant Smell From New Cars

Ford Develops A Patent To Remove Unpleasant Smell From New Cars

Ford Develops A Patent To Remove Unpleasant Smell From New CarsThe various car manufacturers often alter their vehicles according to the different markets as the regulations and customer tastes varies country to country. But Ford Motors is looking forward to make some changes for their Chinese customers: removing the smell found in their new cars. This kind of smell from a newly purchased car which may be dizzying is well known in the United States, but it is considered unpleasant in China. About 10 percent drivers from the country have complained about these unpleasant and aggressively smelly cars, resulting this as a big industry issue, Brent Gruber, Senior Director, JD Power told Detroit Press. It is considered to be the most serious problem after the problem of excessive fuel utilization.

The company has spelled out an excellent solution in order to remove new car smell with their latest patent application, but the customers who are more conscious about the excessive consumption of fuel may hot digest this. The main cause of such smell is heating of interior materials like leather and wood. So, Ford is accelerating its process to remove such smell from those materials. The patent describes that fully autonomous or semi autonomous vehicles driving on their own, on hot asphalt, parked in sunlight and unsteady running of engine will result in formation of such smells.

The patent is considered to be one of Ford’s ideas, says Debbie Mielewski, Ford’s technical leader looking after materials sustainability. No such concrete plan has been put into production, even if this patent gets approved, said Debbie. The company regularly tries developing patents for such weird ideas. Also, Ford is going through time as the sales in China have plunged over last 2 years, because they decided to control their operations without taking help from the local expertise. Recently, Ford has hired an automotive executive from China to run their operations, so it is going to appeal the customers from China again.