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ISS Recorded Rare Soundwaves Sparks UFO Rumors

The cameras International Space Station of NASA has recently spotted a very bizarre image that is currently raised a lot of speculations. Some mysterious soundwaves that are almost similar to those produced by a spacecraft were captured by NASA’s equipment. The image showed a unique cloud pattern that is exactly similar to that of a flying object. It is like a secret sonic weapon. The mysterious ripples were found to stretch for miles across space. Blake and Brett Cousins were the first ones to stop the image on the NASA website. They are YouTubers who run the channel named Thirdphaseofmoon. At the beginning of the month, the ISS that is located 226 nautical miles over the Earth showed the presence of the rare event.

Blake and Brett Cousins considered that it must either be the sounds arising from a secret sonic weapon or craft zipping through the clouds. NASA and ISS were coincidentally in the correct position to capture this unique image. The YouTubers predict that NASA is already secretly working on the new event. The video has sparked chaos among the officials and researchers about the bizarre cloud traces. The theories surrounding the UFOs, weather experiments, and NASA itself still remains unexplainable. The US government’s Project named HAARP is found to be dealing weather manipulations and it could possibly be the reason behind the rare soundwaves. The ISS is currently testing its sound frequency, source, and affects. The assumptions piling up are endless.

Similarly, a group that was boating across the coast of the Outer Banks in North Carolina suddenly saw unexplained lights in the sky above the water. The mysterious sight was recorded and the video was found to last for almost 30 Seconds and the light was lingering the still-light sky above the horizon as the sun was beginning to set. The powerful flares were assumed to be dropped from planes during military exercises but that day no such exercises happened and thus, the source of light still remains a mystery.

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