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Twitter Now Has Its Eyes Set On The Rule Breakers

Twitter Now Has Its Eyes Set On The Rule Breakers

Twitter Now Has Its Eyes Set On The Rule BreakersTwitter is setting up stringent norms so as to avoid the offensive tweets from reaching the sensitive crowd present outside.  The Twitter users have to start abiding by the new policies that the officials have put out for the betterment of the public.

Twitter will have the offensive reports immediately reported and take the necessary actions. Twitter’s latest guidelines state that it will check for the violating tweets and if found will display a notice on the tweet as well as the account prior to the deletion of the tweet. Twitter hides the offending tweets or contents with the help of notice. If one wishes to see the tweet again then just click on the tweet and view it as usual. Twitter is currently trying to protect its users from the online harassment and abuses in the various forms through the introduction of the new guidelines which will help handle the spam accounts and general criticism that the social media have to look out for. But, the idea of restricting the notice period to 14 Days other than making it permanent is still a matter of debate the company is trying to tackle. Looking at the number of times Twitter is updating its policies, this does not seem to be the last. Updating its services is surely going to help make the social platform more transparent and civilized.

Twitter is lately in hot water owing to its nonsensical notification posted on the home screens of a number of users. CEO Jack Dorsey of Twitter has stated that the company is trying to solve the issues of the messages being posted without anybody’s consent.  The social media platform is thus looking up to mending its guidelines and working policies so as to stop any such situation from coming up in the near future.