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Get Ready For The Orionid Meteor Show

Get Ready For The Orionid Meteor Show

Get Ready For The Orionid Meteor ShowThis weekend there will be a shower of lights on the sky. The Orionid meteor is ready for its annual show on the sky. This shower of lights is caused from the particles of the Haley’s comet. It is expected to arrive on the sky this Sunday at morning hours. The range of lights will be approximately 15 to 20 meteors per hour. These space rocks will be travelling at a speed of 148,000 miles per hour. According to Bill Cooke, the expert of meteor at NASA informed that Americans at all parts of the country will not get a clear view of the light spark because of clouds, moon and bad weather.

Orionid meteor is a piece of rock which are parts of Haley’s comet. This comet rotates around the sun and comes near to earth in every 76 years. These meteors originate from the Orion constellation and thus are named as Orionid meteor. As per the NASA scientists when Halley’s Comet enters the solar system it starts shredding dust and debris which ultimately forms these small meteors.

Every year earth witnesses these meteors 2 times as the planet passes by the debris cloud. The meteor can be seen best at 2am on 21 and 22 October of this year. It will also be seen at the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Best part about watching meteors is that viewers need not have special astronomical instruments to watch these; a blanket to save from cold and a comfortable chair or lounge that is what is needed. Viewers are also informed by NASA that it takes at least 20 minutes for the eyes to adjust to the darkness. The last tip from NASA is to select a spot away from the constellation to get the best view of the meteor. It will appear for longer time away from constellation.