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Lilium Comes Up With Its Innovative Five-Seater Aircraft Prototype

Lilium Comes Up With Its Innovative Five-Seater Aircraft Prototype

Lilium is the Munich-based “air taxi” startup that is offering on-demand services. Recently, the startup has introduced its new five-seater prototype, which has successfully cleared the testing procedure at the beginning of this month. It is not the first prototype developed & tested by Lilium. Almost two years back, the company released a video of its two-seater version’s initial flight.

The recent five-seater version is an extensive prototype driven by 36 all-electric jet engines. The infrastructure of the plane-cum-taxi is developed in such a manner that it can take-off & land vertically, along with a remarkably efficient cruise flight.

In a meeting, CEO & co-founder of Lilium, Daniel Wiegand explained the test flight, which was slightly delayed. The performance of the innovation in the sky was the same as the company had predicted.

Though, the company is not in any sort of aircraft designing & manufacturing business but it sees itself as an “Uber of the skies” in the coming few years. The company claims its top speed to be 300 Km/hr & is capable of traveling 300 Km in one go. The maximum horsepower its engine can generate is 2000 Hp.

Lilium expects that it still needs some more years, possibly by 2025, to offer all-operational services in various cities across the globe.

On a similar subject, XTI has been working since 2017 to develop its TriFan 600 aircraft. This aircraft also follows vertical take-off & landing (VTOL). Last week, the aircraft was set for its first hover test.

According to a press release, the test flight of XTI TriFan 600 aircraft was conducted in Placerville, California.

The single Honeywell HTS900 engine of 1,000 Hp is equipped in XTI TriFan 600. The power consumed by the aircraft during test flight was actually generated domestically Trek Aerospace—XTI’s partner.